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Have you ever wondered what creates high performance? Why do elite athletes make it look so easy where your own performance sometimes feels hard and inconsistent?

Our coaches will expose the limitations in your current habits, teach you new practices to increase positive energy and honor your successes. All this will lead to achievement of your desired goals. Your return on investment will be seen in positive change within identified key areas – these could be internal KPIs such as sales numbers, revenue, projects delivered within time and budget, etc.


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Public Speaking

PRLLC motivates and
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Be Brilliant

Be Brilliant!

Learn how to create a positive environment where innovated solutions replace non sustainable firefighting. Tap into the possibilities that produce creativity and increased bottom lines.

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Do any of these statements resonate with you?


  • I was recently promoted and my old successful track record does not seem to apply. How do I be successful in my new role?
  • Morale on my team is not what it used to be and I am concerned about retention rates. How can I shift the morale of my team?
  • I no longer love my job, and my partner has commented on a shift in my energy and happiness.
  • My team’s performance is a hit and miss. How can my team experience consistent high performance?
  • My boss tells me I have to take my performance up a notch but I already feel like I’m killing myself to achieve my current performance.



If so, here are some of the ways that Potential Revealed could be of service to you:

  • Celebrating the EXPERTISE within you and discovering what is LIMITING your potential.
  • TEACH new tools that can be used within your team to shift to a POSITIVE environment
  • Exploration of BLOCKS and what is next
  • Understanding how your LEADERSHIP style impacts team’s morale and what steps you can take to modify it
  • TRANSFORMING your ideas on how you and your team can achieve high performance consistently