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Cindy Anderson is an inspiring speaker.  She crafts stories that keep the audience engaged and energized to learn.

She is comfortable and has experience with audiences of 10 – 500.

Utilizing her personal stories Cindy weave’s a compelling presentation to all audiences. She has an interactive style that ensures the audience is engaged and tracking the content. She is able to motivate and inspire groups of people to the call of action and leave them energized for more. She has a knack for utilizes her subject matter expertise in a way that is approachable and understandable. Here are some topics that Cindy can speak to:


How do we deal with Change and how do we leverage what was before for what is next?

Capacity Building

How do you get the most out of yourself and your team?

International Development

How to create global impact utilizing experiences from Omilero in Nigeria.

Business Intelligence and Data Strategy.

What is BI and how do you obtain a competitive advantage with your data?


You can also find other subject areas in her writings on the Potential Revealed Blog
as well as a guest writer on Drive Influence